Welcome to the ATRIUM.

I am Ian, your guide and substitute Canon-Keeper for this reality.

Forgive the sudden drop into 2D space;

I'm new.

Truth is, I'm not really sure I know what I'm doing.

Believe it or not, I too am a BEHOLDER.

The previous Canon-Keeper, AEION, is still being reconstituted.

You can find out more about him in the local AKASHANET links.

As for me: Near as anyone can tell, I ended up here as the result of a Continuity Wave and got stranded somehow.

I'm not rfeally sure how any of this is even possible... Maybe I' m dead, or in a coma, or dreaming...

I don't know.

I'm sorry that the communication is only one way right now.

With so little Twilight Matter available, I'm having trouble using The DRIFT to penetrate the Hyper-Barriers.

This is now only a node of the INFINITE HORIZON,

which was orphaned during a Discontinuity ( Asynchronous Event ) triggered after activation of the END ENGINE by a being called the EXO-NEMESIS.

During the disaster, the Local Set was severed from the larger Prime Set Macrocosmos

and its concomitant  Alternity Clusters were ravaged beyond repair by a multi-dimensional beast called the NthTITY.

The Archetypes however, were saved and most of the Archefacts were salvaged from the various doomed Peripheral Sets.

As a result, a dozen worlds were saved from annihilation and the members of the OUTER CIRCLE have dubbed this collection of cosmic fragments,

an Externity and have named it


The chronal connection to The EVENFLOW ( "Timeflow" ) has been lost due to the ncessary erection of an artificial Hyper-Barrier known as the 2nd WALL;

An ad hoc chronal network is being fashioned however, with help from the TIME-RIDER; SOJOURNER; what's left of the TIME-RANGERS;

and such unlikely sources as the FOREVER COUNCIL and a mysteriusly "out-of-canon" individual calling himself the AEONGINEER.

As it is, "time travel" is now only possible between System worlds and actually involves the use of Rabbitholes and the principle of  Retroactive Time.

No actual time jumps are involved in travel of this type but individual world histories have to be synched to events on other System worlds in "real time".

This has proven difficult to establish and maintain because even though the worlds exist simultaneously in real space,

they remain separated by a quantum uncertainty phase-shift called The 1st WALL.

In this vein, we have come to call the M-brane protecting the System from collision with the greater Prime Set: the 3rd WALL;

and the transition to the Source World of the BEHOLDERS:

the 4th WALL Hyper-Barrier.

I beseech you, my brothers and sisters beyond the veil, to not forsake us.

The survival of billions depends on your attention.

In lieu of Twilight Matter, the others have devised a plan to Imagineer a new Continuum utilizing the power of  those of you known as:




among others.

Quantum Cloud access will be maintained as long as possible but our resources are slim.

Please, do not forget us.

-   IAN   -


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  Thanks and enjoy!   

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